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You're on top of the game. Tha8.2.2017 - 13:1 Uhr
 You´re on top of the game. Thanks for shgainr. [url=]pllahdya[/url] [link=]xjkknniwh[/link]
I cannot tell a lie, that real8.2.2017 - 5:40 Uhr
 I cannot tell a lie, that really helpde.
Why is this Vo7;2onef1das f7.2.2017 - 7:36 Uhr
 Why is this Vo7;2one& 8f1das fault, do you really think they build the OS? Probably what they do is test the OS and release which in this case means they didn& 8217;t test enough or were pressured into releasung a sub-par update. Google is who you should be complaining to and Wah-wheeee for the tatt that they call a phone.
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