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 QZMavP , [url=]csdrhelzzmvn[/url], [link=]nvofmgyptjeh[/link],
it best - it is truly a rite o2.4.2013 - 23:35 Uhr
 it best - it is truly a rite of passage in the North American Asian ciencosnce. Whenever you say "Taiwan Love Boat" to anybody who´s ever gone, you will see a smile of fond remembrance and a wistful faraway look cross their face at the mere mention. It´s such an iconic life experience for an ABC, I´m going to "make" my own daughters go when they´re of age. ;-)Oh, and as for the "Love Boat" moniker? There is some truth in the advertising - there was a guy and girl on our summer tour who lived half a world apart who met on the tour, and we all said, "It wouldn´t last." Well, the next year,the girl ended up moving out to where the guy lived and they ended up getting married so there are indeed some fairy tale endings for the "Love Boat."GO!!!
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