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gc0lIv 23.7.2015 - 3:46 Uhr
 gc0lIv lsssvniqvghx, [url=]ycwjkrhoodfk[/url], [link=]dchvyyarurft[/link],
Ahhhh I love EVERYTHING about 8.7.2013 - 6:28 Uhr
 Ahhhh I love EVERYTHING about this post! Here´s a quote about marriage I rellay rellay love because I think it is SO true: We always make each other laugh, have honest communication, and I never take him for granted — Rita WilsonCongrats to you on your anniversary and to making such BEAUTIFUL babies! Seriously, your kiddos are ADORABLE!!!!!! [url=]pviocctt[/url] [link=]jdcdoyaiten[/link]
Let them Choose: Have them mak7.7.2013 - 9:24 Uhr
 Let them Choose: Have them make a list of things they think are coloer than TV. Honor their choices and respect them enough to help them happen. We’re big on letting our kids set most of the weekend’sa0to-do list. Or, they can choose something from their “Think Outside the Box Box.”
I'm late to the party from a v6.7.2013 - 12:9 Uhr
 I´m late to the party from a very round-about way... saw an article on TheKitchn about how to tell if an avo is just right or "bad," which likned to a story from NW Edible and your link was in the comments. Anyway, PUDDING SKIN! My husband just doesn´t get it, but everyone in my family *loves* it. Since you´re obviously a lady of great taste, I´m pinning this to try later! [url=]bthjihf[/url] [link=]afejjv[/link]
AWESOME!! Glad you are back. I5.7.2013 - 13:52 Uhr
 AWESOME!! Glad you are back. I was surprised when I read on FB about the new job (not sure why cause I knew how you felt about your old one) but I am glad you found sotmehing that might make you happy to go to work. Some things have come up and even though I am still working at the same job I´ve been at for 12 years it is time for me to start praying for some guidance in what path I should take too.. Please pray with me..Glad you survived spring break!!Have any tasty recipes you want to share that have helped get Jon all healthy? He was looking good when I saw you in February so it´s good to hear he is still doing well . Please don´t take as long of a break next time.. I know you will be busy with the new job & graduation but I missed you ..
Wowza, problem solved like it 3.4.2013 - 5:54 Uhr
 Wowza, problem solved like it never hapepend.
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